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Field Sparrow

The bird that I admire the most is a sparrow. In particular the Field Sparrow. It is a common enough bird, but it never goes without being cared for or fed. Behind the Field Sparrow (Spizella pusilla) eye ther is a rusty crown and eyeline. They have a white belly and undertail coverts. the bac is tan with dark streaks. The wings are brown with wing bars. They have a slim forked tail, and male and female field sparrows are similar in description. For more description about the Field Sparrow click on description.

Summer Field Sparrow

In the winter the field sparrow has a change in its appearance.

Winter Field Sparrow

Some sites where you can gather information about the Field Sparrow are shown below.

Field Sparrow

Migratory Birds

Greensboro Birds

Picture of Field Sparrow

Florida's Breeding Bird Atlas

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A brief description of the Field Sparrow is as follows:

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