Worksheet 3 - Images and Style

The Professor's Pets (click on thumbnails for larger pictures)

George the Dog

This is George. He is a five year old American Cocker Spaniel. He loves car trips and doesn't mind seeing the vet but doesn't like going to the groomer. George likes to play with (aka chase) Gracie and Eddie. As a puppy, George used to have a bad problem with separation anxiety. It took alot of time, but he's much better now.

Gracie the Cat

All hail Gracie, Queen of the House! Gracie cannot be bothered with things like petting or purring unless of course she decides tht she will give you the honor of her attention. She is normally very inactive, but Gracies will spring into action to stalk and pounce on any bugs that find their way into th house. She is quite the hunter.

Harvey the Bunny

Harvey the bunny is a wanna-be interior designer. Harvey regulary decides to redecorate his cage. He'll spend a good portion of his day some days moving around his food dish, litter box, and toys until he gets them just where he wants them. Harvey also is a health nut. Every morning he gets a vitamin and he will hang on the side of the cage until you give it to him.

Eddie the Kitten

This is the youngest member of the family, Eddie. His favorite things to do are be cute and get into trouble. He likes to eat dog food (strangely enough George lets him get away with it). He likes to "play" with George and Gracie (aka sneak attack) and he purrs really loud all the time, even at night when you try to sleep.