Our Cool Toys!

Here are pictures and descriptions of some of the toys and manipulatives that we have in our classroom

so you can purchase them for your children.



Theses fun building toys come in many packages. They are made by INFINITOY.


Fishing for Numbers

Counting was never this much fun! Made by International Playthings.


8 note Handbell set

Ring and sing a song with these handbells and song cards. Made by KidsPlay.


Magna Morphs

These magnet animals come in different sets from African Animals to Dinosaurs. Have fun and make an Elion or a gireagle! Made by Wild Republic.



Triangles, circles, squares and rectangles all connecting at different angles. What fun! Made by Kaplan Early Learning Company.


Strawberries in a Basket

Mmmmm...count how many strawberries you can put in your basket. Yummy! Made by Lakeshore.