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Working with Students

students  Photo by Christopher Rolinson

Educational Philosophy

In the classroom, I practice a student-centered pedagogy grounded in the recognition of various learning styles, the use of active learning techniques, and the latest instructional technology tools. JOUR 103 photo
with student graduates   I firmly believe that students should graduate from an institution of higher learning not only with knowledge and skills, but also with an essential set of positive values that will guide them through life.
To me, the source of successful teaching lies in aligning the learning objectives of every course with the overall goals of a program and institution. with student awardee

Student Advising

Undergraduate and graduate student advising:
50 to 80 students per year

photo: advising

Supervising Graduate Student Research

Photo with PCA President

Eastern Communication Association (ECA)

PCA 2013 poster session

Pennsylvania Communication Association (PCA)

ECA photo

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