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At the School of Communication, Dr. Dumova teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in mass communication research methods, communication theory, communication, technology & culture, technology mediated communication, visual communication design, print graphics, and desktop/electronic publishing. Prior to coming to Point Park University, she has taught a variety of communication courses including new media applications, digital imaging, web publishing, broadcast and multimedia production, media processes and effects, advanced research methods, visual communication, interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, public speaking, and senior portfolio at Montclair State University, University of North Dakota and Bowling Green State University.

Selected Course Syllabi

Point Park University
Communication Theory
Applied Mass Communication Research Methods
Communication, Technology & Culturestudents at PPU
Technology Mediated Communication
Desktop/Electronic Publishing
Print Graphics
Advertising and PR Graphics
Visual Communication Design
Computer Mediated Publication

Visual Communication
New Media Applications
Intercultural Communication
Nonverbal Communication
Fundamentals of Speech

UNDCOMM 407 students
Digital Imaging
Photo Imaging
TV Studio Production
Electronic Field Production
Media Processes and Effects
Social Implications of an Information Society
Communication Research
Research Methods in Communication
Advanced Research Methods in Communication
Intercultural/International Communication
Fundamentals of Public Speaking
Interpersonal Communication
Senior Portfolio
Individual Readings and Research

New Electronic Media
Digital Editing
Introduction to Multimedia: Shooting and Editing Web Video
Everything You Need to Know about Web Video
Theory and Practice of Digital Multimedia
Advanced Digital Media Applications
Problems in Telecommunications


School of Communication, Point Park University
School of Communication and Media, Montclair State University
Communication Program, University of North Dakota
Department of Media Production and Studies, Bowling Green State University

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